Welcome to the blossoming world of INKARHO® flowers

TaspoThis site contains information on our lime-tolerant rhododendrons, which enjoy vigorous and healthy growth even in heavy, clay soils and with a high pH.

INKARHO® have achieved many awards and prizes – including the Gardening Innovation Prize of the German Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). INKARHO® will help you turn your garden into a blossoming spring paradise with one of the most spectacular of flowering plants.

An evergreen hedge that will grow in almost any soil requiring the minimum of maintenance and has the most spectacular fragrant flowers in spring. Fragrant Hedge has been selected for its ability to branch and create an aesthetically pleasing evergreen hedge or as a specimen at the back of a border. The fragrance radiates around the garden or on the patio if you have you plant in a container.

Bloombux® – This stylish evergreen shrub offers flower & form in one plant. Whether planted as a low evergreen hedge or in a patio container and trimmed into shape – it combines the excellent qualities of box and an abundance of fabulous flowers loved by bumblebees and butterflies. Bloombux® is a rhododendron requiring very little maintenance, trim straight after flowering, it couldn’t be easier. It is able to grow in normal garden soils.