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Dufthecke - INKARHO® inspires all senses

The INKARHO® Dufthecke is a special advancement of the classic INKARHO® rhododendron.

The name already reveals the special feature of the INKARHO® Dufthecke :
It emanates an incomparable smell, which is beguiling, but also not too intense. This way, the impressive flower power of the INKARHO® Dufthecke becomes a plant feature that appeals to all the senses. If you buy an INKARHO® Dufthecke , you will obviously not only benefit from the pleasant fragrance, but also from many other positive qualities that distinguish our INKARHO® hybrids.

We would gladly tell you more about it.

Dufthecke Gelb

What is the INKARHO® Dufthecke (scented hedge)?

The INKARHO® Dufthecke is a special rhododendron strain that was developed over 20 years of grafting. Just like the conventional rhododendron, the INKARHO® Dufthecke also boasts an astonishing flower splendour that is opulent and almost lavishly conspicuous. This abundance of flowers of the INKARHO® Dufthecke exudes a unique fragrance that spoils and seduces at the same time. The INKARHO® Dufthecke is thus ideal for all those who not only want to enjoy radiantly beautiful flowers, but also the typical floral scent.

Unobtrusive, delicate and yet always perceptible.


The intense and at the same time discreet scent of the INKARHO® Dufthecke is not only appreciated by flower lovers and plant enthusiasts, but also by bees, butterflies, etc. Above all you contribute to your local ecosystem with this evergreen, because it offers shelter in winter and a nesting opportunity in spring and summer.

Die INKARHO®-Dufthecke als Hecke pflanzen

Rhododendron INKARHO®-Dufthecke
Delicately scented hedge

The high-quality pruning-compatible scented rhododendron hedge boasts all the good features of an INKARHO® rhododendron such as easy of care and growing in almost any loose garden soil. In addition, it also exudes an intense fragrance. The healthy growth gives you a blooming and evergreen hedge in a short time. The fragrant hedge is also a real eye-catcher as an individual plant in the garden or in a tub on the terrace.

Rhododendron Blätter

winter hardy

Rhododendron Blätter


Rhododendron Blüte nah

long flowering period - May & June

Rhododendron im Kübel

as a hedge or as an individual plant


tolerant to pruning

Hornspäne werden unter der Dufthecke verteilt Knopsen und Blüten der Dufthecke

What sets the INKARHO® Dufthecke apart?

In addition to the incomparable fragrance and full flowers, like in all our hybrids, it is especially the uncomplicated and tolerable location and care requirements that distinguish our INKARHO® Dufthecke. Unlike the conventional rhododendrons, soil conditions do not require a very specific pH value. The INKARHO® Dufthecke was cultivated on calcareous soil and can therefore thrive in a wide variety of soil conditions (pH value 4.5 to 6.5). In addition, the INKARHO® Dufthecke is of course hardy, it ensures evergreen lush foliage and conjures up some colourful highlights into your garden, even in cold, grey or snowy winter months.

Opting for the INKARHO® Dufthecke , means less maintenance effort:
The INKARHO® Dufthecke does not need large amounts of fertiliser (twice annually - refer to rhododendron care) and can be irrigated with ordinary tap or rainwater. Furthermore, the INKARHO® Dufthecke offers various possibilities for individual design, since it is particularly tolerant to pruning, for example. That is why you can use the INKARHO® Dufthecke also ideally as an individual plant outdoors or alternatively in a pot or tub. Have you ever heard that normal rhododendrons are ideal hedge plants? Our INKARHO® Dufthecke can be used as a privacy screen or evergreen hedge plant. This makes it a real highlight in your garden scenery, either as a hedge plant or as a solitary plant with full flowers.

Buy an INKARHO® Dufthecke : Benefit from the qualities!

You can choose between four different colours when purchasing the INKARHO® Dufthecke : Opt for classic white flowers that stand out for their elegance or a cheerful yellow that radiates a good mood. The flower colours pink and purple are also popular and enrich the colour splendour of your garden with their romantic and playful charm. You will enjoy the extraordinary fragrances of our INKARHO® Dufthecke irrespective of the individually selected colour.

INKARHO-Dufthecke gelb (‘Rhodunter 150’). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur sind verboten!
INKARHO-Dufthecke weiß (‘Rhodunter 48’). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur sind verboten!
INKARHO-Dufthecke rosa (‘Rhodunter 151’). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur sind verboten!
INKARHO-Dufthecke lila (‘Rhodunter 149’). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur sind verboten!