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Easydendron® – Simply exhilaratingly uncomplicated

Easydendron® - the name says it all:

The Easydendron® is a rhododendron hybrid that not only captivates with its magnificent flowers and strong growth, but also with its particularly uncomplicated care properties. Unlike the conventional rhododendron, our Easydendron® is exceptionally easy to care for and can be used in almost any humus garden soil. If you want to buy an Easydendron® to embellish your garden, you can look forward to maximum flowering with minimum maintenance.

We will gladly to explain our Easydendron® in more detail.

What is the Easydendron®?

The Easydendron® by INKARHO® is a special rhododendron hybrid that convinces by its exceptional features. It is a special type of INKARHO® rhododendron, which stands out for its attractive appearance and other advantages for plant lovers. The Easydendron® bears the same striking and almost opulent flowers as a rhododendron, but at the same time is far easier to care for and less demanding in terms of site conditions and cultivation.

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INKARHO® Easydendron®
At home in almost any humus garden soil

The lime tolerant, hardy rhododendron is equipped with the good properties of INKARHO® rhododendron, which enable easy maintenance and healthy and vigorous growth in almost all loose garden soils, even with high pH values (4.5 to 6.5). Its abundance of bright-coloured flowers and lush foliage makes it a real eye-catcher as an individual plant in the garden or in a tub on the terrace, but also as an evergreen hedge.

Rhododendron Blätter

winter hardy

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Rhododendron Blüte

long flowering period - May & June

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as a hedge or as an individual plant

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What sets the Easydendron® apart?

Normal rhododendrons, also known as Alpine roses, sometimes give plant lovers a big headache: For optimal growth, they require a very special location and soil conditions. Furthermore, they must be cared for in a well-defined way to produce magnificent flowers for many years to come. Easydendron®, being an INKARHO® rhododendron hybrid, is much less complicated in this respect. Unlike an ordinary rhododendron, Easydendron® was grafted onto a lime tolerant base. This means that it does not need lime-free soil to thrive in your home. Also, the normal pH value (4.5 to 6.5) is suitable for the Easydendron®.

In addition, you can benefit from significantly reduced care-effort:
The Easydendron® does not only flourish in loose soil, but can also be irrigated with normal rain water. Fertilising is uncomplicated and pruning is also possible without any fuss. If you observe the few care-requirements of the Easydendron®, you will enjoy a hardy plant that regularly spoils you with impressive flowers in exciting colours.



The Easydendron® not only looks stunning with its large colourful flowers, but also helps to preserve the natural ecosystem. The evergreen plant lends support in all four seasons and offers a winter shelter for many animals and a nesting opportunity in spring. The Easydendron is available in all colours - see assortment.


Buy an Easydendron®: Enjoy the benefits!

With the purchase of an Easydendron® you enjoy the modern advantages of a rhododendron hybrid. When you order an Easydendron®, you can integrate it in your garden landscape in a versatile and individual way: Easydendrons® not only grows excellently in pots and tubs, but can also be used as an individual plant in soil. Are you looking for an evergreen hedge that also serves as a privacy screen? The Easydendron® spoils you with a robust and strong growth and creates an additional highlight in your garden hedge with its striking flowers. Or you can use the Inkarho scented hedge, which in addition emits a delicate fragrance.

Additional advantage:
The Easydendron® can be planted as a pot plant almost all year round and once again proves its flexibility and adaptability. Whether you are a garden professional or not - with Easydendron® you are definitely right and embellish your garden individually and uniquely.