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Don't like gloomy days? – Then get yourself a HAPPYdendron®! This impressive rhododendron is ultra low-maintenance, winter hardy and robust. You don't have to coddle it every day either.

If you happen to forget, not to worry! This easy-going companion means you have plenty of time for yourself and having fun. Another added bonus: This gem grows in almost any garden, so a pot on your balcony or bucket on your patio. Any way you look at it, the HAPPYdendron® is sure to impress when it blooms in three colours.

 So: HAPPY times are ahead thanks to the HAPPYdendron®!

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What is the INKARHO® HAPPYdendron®?

The HAPPYdendron® from INKARHO® is a real treat. Why? Because of its incredible colour, for starters! White flowers with a pink fringe and a yellow spot in the middle. Vibrant colours you can't beat, a feast for the eyes. The best part: The HAPPYdendron® grows in almost any loose garden soil, even a pot on your balcony or patio. Super low-maintenance, can even take beginner pruning and does well even in difficult areas. It'll still flower even if you don't have a green thumb!

So it's basically not just for gardeners!



If you do want to get some gardening done and chill then remove wilted flowers after the spectacular bloom. This way, you'll help your HAPPYdendron® branch out even more. And it will get even stronger since it doesn't have to turn the flowers into seeds. Pinching away old flowers is seriously the easiest "work" you'll do in your garden, on your balcony and patio. Go for it!

HAPPYdendron® auf dem Stadtbalkon pflanzen

Rhododendron INKARHO®-HAPPYdendron®
for happy days …

WOW – that's about as low-maintenance as you can get! That's because of INKARHO®'s special characteristics: Just like its Rhodo colleagues from INKARHO®, the HAPPYdendron® is winter-hardy and especially lime tolerant (up to pH 4.5–6.5!). You don't have to worry about "acidic soil" that other rhododenrons need. You can count on the HAPPYdendron® always impressing its homies with strong growth, dense leaves and a tonne of flowers. Just think about it: Would you prefer to have a HAPPYdendron®as a solitary plant or a whole hedge? Anything goes!

Happydendron Oberkörperfrei

winter hardy

Happydendron mit glücklicher Frau


Happydendron Blüte nah

long flowering period - May & June

Happydendron auf der Terrasse

as a hedge or as an individual plant

Happydendron küssendes Paar

tolerant to pruning

What sets the INKARHO® HAPPYdendron® apart?

Have you heard? Taking care of rhododendrons can be quite the job: Grandma's alpine rose needs special acidic soil, the right location, not to mention extra care so that it can flower and grow for years to come. Forget it! That's not for people like you who have better things to do – or who are more laid back. That's why there's the HAPPYdendron®. It's way less complicated and looks amazing when it flowers in three colours. After all, unlike a normal rhodos, it's grafted on roots that can handle limy soil. So that means  HAPPYdendron® with its awesome three-coloured flowers won't sweat it if the soil isn't acidic and has a normal pH. It just needs loose garden humusy soil, which can also be kept in a pot. Then with its strong growth and long-lasting flowers, it will keep you HAPPY from May to June.

Don't worry – be HAPPY!


Laid-back gardening so you can have a good time – the HAPPYdendron® motto is "easy gardening"

When it comes to water, the HAPPYdendron® doesn't need anything special, normal rainwater is fine. You also don't have to worry about fertilising it. When pruning, just decide how big your HAPPYdendron® should be and what you like. In other words, the HAPPYdendron® is your best friend when it comes to rhododendrons  as long as you make sure it gets the few things it needs, it will never let you down and keep on flowering. Since it's winter hardy, you can also leave your HAPPYdendron® outside when it's cold; its lush green leaves are also a green eyecatcher.

INKARHO® HAPPYdendron® will always make you HAPPY!

Happydendron at "mein schöner Garten"

Happydendron bei „mein schöner Garten“

Buy an INKARHO® HAPPYdendron®: I want one!

Easy enough: You can see your INKARHO® HAPPYdendron® (or even a whole hedge) at the garden centre in your area and be so HAPPY that you can take this one-of-a-kind Rhododendron hybrid right home with you. Plant your HAPPYdendron® in a pot, bucket or in your flower bed. You can get yourself a HAPPYdendron® any time of the year since it can be planted basically all year round. You'll love its strong,  hardy growth, not to mention the HAPPYdendron® itself - its spectacular three-coloured blossoms are an incredible highlight. By the way, giving people flowers is boring. Giving them a HAPPYdendron® will make them happy and you're guaranteed to get a "WOW thanks!.

Sortenschutz: HAPPYdendron ’Pushy Purple’ (‘Rhodunter 37’, ‘hachmagic’). Die Vermehrung und gewerbliche Weiterkultur sind verboten!

HAPPYdendron® Awards

Gärten des Jahres Gewinner 2021

Gardens of the Year
Winner 2021


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IPM New Products Showcase 2020


Taspo Award Gewinner 2019

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